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425 & 426: Microsoft Word (Expert)
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Microsoft Office 2013 - Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing program that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. You can import spreadsheets from MS Excel into it. It has templates for such projects as letterhead, memo, fax, and lots more.

You can use your Outlook address book with it. You can do Mail Merge and merge names and addresses into a letter. You use it so you don't have to type on a typewriter.


Below is an Example of the Microsoft Office Word Menu Bar commonly known as the "Ribbon" 

Microsoft Office 2013 - Word


Bellow is an Example of the Microsoft Office Word File Menu under with Save and Send Options Selected

Microsoft Office 2013 - Word


Below is a screenshot of the Microsoft Office Word Layout Screenshot with the various interface items labeled 

Microsoft Office 2013 - Word