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422: PowerPoint
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Microsoft Office 2013 - PowerPoint - 422

PowerPoint introduced many new changes with the release of PowerPoint 97. Prior to PowerPoint 97, presentations were linear, always proceeding from one slide to the next. PowerPoint 97 incorporated the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) language, underlying all macro generation in Office 97, which allowed users to invoke pre-defined transitions and effects in a non-linear movie-like style without having to learn programming.

PowerPoint 2000 (and the rest of the Office 2000 suite) introduced a clipboard that could hold multiple objects at once. Another change was that the Office Assistant was changed to be less intrusive.

As of 2012, various versions of PowerPoint claim ~95% of the presentation software market share, with installations on at least 1 billion computers. Among presenters world-wide, this program is used at an estimated frequency of 350 times per second.


Below is a screen shot of the various themes available in Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Microsoft Office 2013 - PowerPoint - 422


Below are the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Menu features explained

Microsoft Office 2013 - PowerPoint - 422