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Microsoft Office

Having the Skills that are encompassed in the Office package allows an individual the ability to create their own workflow and monitor productivity, purely because the Office package is a family of Applications that work together.

For example the most popular program in the package is Microsoft Word: When you create a document in Word that requires a graph, you simply insert a Graph from the menu and an Excel form with the relevant parameters opens up from Microsoft Excel next to the Word Document. As you edit the Excel Document the changes can be seen graphically from your Word Document. You are able to use Microsoft Outlook Calendar to monitor you projects and deadlines, have documents emailed periodically and set reminders to your team/s. 

In summary all the Programs in the Office package are made to be mastered in conjunction with each other and Smart Thinkers together with the Microsoft ITA program have created an online academy that can be used for introducing a school pupil into the world of computers or to extend the knowledge of an entire workforce.

Microsoft Word Core 2010   Microsoft excel core 2010