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Training Students

While children are learning their normal curriculum, they can at the same time, without disrupting their normal educational process, study a Digital Literacy course and then later complete a IT Course. So that by the time they complete their final year in High School or Tertiary, they can have a qualification that is world wide and has as much weight as any other tertiary qualification.  

Primary School Students

Primary school kids can enroll in the Digital Literacy Path and become familiar with general computing functions that will prepare them for High School and give them an added edge in the classroom.  Even at the Primary level children can attempt the IT Courses  

High School Students

High School Kids are at a stage where they still need to find their footing before they can set a path towards a career. Smart Thinkers ITA realizes that a Microsoft Imagine Academy Certification is important in any career path. The skills provided by our Online Microsoft Curriculum  can help students better understand the work environment especially in our Digital World. 

Tertiary Students

Tertiary Students are set on their way and are a few steps away from their dream career. Though some students don't end up using their tertiary qualifications they use it as something to fall back on. A Microsoft IT Qualification can be used together with the tertiary qualification as a second Qualification all in the space that their other colleges completed one qualification.